Memoirs Of My Dreams

Grass as green to be a ripe lime, area of boundaries freshly painted plus the goal post stood strong from the soaring winds that tested them. The moon was out watching in the pitch just as if it was watching over the sector. A song played that represented america as 22 players stood next to each other separated by 3 referees. Soon after a whistle was blown and kickoff commenced. It was your final between two rival enemies that represented precisely the same town. North York Cosmos they that wore blue and North York Spartacus they that wore red. This game would decide what colour the spot would be before two giants met again. It was a final for the Ontario Cup both teams worked challenging to get up to this moment, no handouts received. I’ve wanted this moment with the whole season, it had been my goal to win mafia wars and I had finally reached activity is to do it. My first touch around the ball was inside 2nd minute I had a 1 hour on one outside of the top left corner with the 18 yard box with all the left back on the other half team. I knew you fairly well he was right footed and was bad that transitioning towards his off side therefore if I was capable to beat him I will be clear. I did a measure over and hubby came in having a crunching tackle catching ankle on his way throughout the ball. It was a no call but I was struggle to run, the ball was create of play and my coach ran on the sector to help deal using the injury. He would believe me can not continue and I was taken off area of for the rest on the first half. Tears begun to fill my eyes as I watched my team carry within the game without me.

The pain inside my ankle started diminish and I felt good to go back on the sector. I tapped my coach around the shoulder and said “I’m ready” with all the determination around my voice my coach without hesitation signalled towards the lines man to get a substitution within the next out. I than returned back into the experience, beginning slow because I could still feel a little pain during my ankle. The adrenaline than reached me I was back moving at full speed sending crosses and beating defenders to 50/50 balls. The game was tied 0-0 after 90 minutes and after this we’re headed to penalty shoot outs. I was first to intensify and I placed the ball with a patch of grass to ensure I would have a clean strike. I barred it from the bottom left corner. The parents and players on my small team cheered. It was now approximately my goalie to travel big and prepare a save for all of us. They scored their first attempt. Micheal stepped as much as take the second penalty. He hit it next to the bottom right post as well as in. It was a call. The other team now has to score to tie it. Our goalie constitutes a big stop all the way down the middle. We can now win it, with just one kick on the ball. Chris steps up places the ball and sent it straight into the top right corner in the net and it’s all over. North York is blue. I wakened the next morning still in unbelief almost almost like it was all a fantasy.

Never Ending Sunset

Luke. A 15 years old that was never quite happy with himself, his environment or his life. He is a bright kid that were raised getting good grades and fairly exceptional at sports loved and accepted by many as part of his modern-day society. His mind was what made him truly special. He had a perception that our minds created a reality not the same as everyone else’s. That we saw colours and objects differently, understanding that everyone’s interpretation on everything was different. Many thought he was obviously a fool to trust this way, that his mind was past an acceptable limit off where it needs to be. It dragged him in a wonderful confusion that she wouldn’t yet be capable of understand. He chased sunsets within his reality. Bright pink skies having a sun that resembled large of an orange. When he entered his reality he believed it absolutely was perfect. The sun set on the hill. As the sun set shortly fater he began to run, in order not to get rid of it. That was when he’d re appear in their apparent reality. Trying to figure out that has been real and which has been fake.

Many concered about him this also “imaginary” path that they was headed but what really managed to make it “imaginary”? His apparent reality was made by others rather than controlled by eye. His reality was the entire opposite. He based his choice on control and happiness. In his apparent reality he’d loved and been loved but he couldn’t really put together what got real. Was it the sadness, negativity and combined happiness that caused it to be real. Compared to his reality which reaches just what he pictures happiness as.

Luke was written in context as his parents which he was lost in the head as however spend hours day dreaming regarding the reality that they wanted to have a home in or the reality he did are now living in. He would return back into his world and lose the sunset he worked extremely hard to chase, later realizing that it had been right behind him the full time. It left him confused on the reality is. Can one stray within themselves and don’t be found. Has Luke lost his real reality into a created reality. The sunset never set on Luke in the reality and the man never stayed outside of his apparent reality. Luke became a reality that she created dreaming about where he actually was.